DETERG'ANIOS is a neutral detergent suitable for cleaning the surfaces of clean rooms and equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Its main components are non-ionic and anionic detergents, chelating agents, bacteriostatic and fungistat, and colorant and fragrance.
    • Features and Advantages
    • Specifications
    • Applications

    ◆ Features

     Neutral detergent.

    It contains non-ionic and anionic detergents.

    Pleasantly perfumed: citrus, floral or meadow.

    ◆ Advantages

     The product is stable to microorganism and can guarantee that the product will not be polluted in use

    Compatible with materials in the clean room.

     Each batch product is accompanied by analysis certification.

    This product is diluted and used to clean the surface of clean room and equipment, and clean organics and mineral dirt by wetting, spraying and soaking.
    For safe operation when using, please know the detailed information of the product in advance.