“Started business in Hong Kong in 1982 and later on, extended its territory to mainland China in the late 80s, Winifred group of companies have been developed as a total solutions provider in monitoring and solving threats from micro-contamination control toward modern manufacturing technologies. Through our trustable and unbeatable service, Winifred has become partners with many leading electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturers in China.

    Over the past decades, Winifred have built up an extensive import-oriented logistical network comprising 4 warehouse hubs and a network of 19 service centres in 19 major cities. Utilizing such a platform, goods can be delivered into virtually all the major cities in China. Such a platform serves as a base through which goods can quickly be brought in and distributed nationally, facilitating just-in-time delivery and advance inventory & supply-chain management.

    Our servicing teams also provide on-site audits & testings; professional advice; trainings; design in environment controls; installations and also acting on behalf of our foreign suppliers to conduct equipment calibrations; routine maintenance on sold products and repairings.

    We are aiming to work closely with our clients in providing high quality products; services and professional advice to help them having good controls throughout their production process and in the end, to provide high quality products with low failure rate at the lowest possible costs.”